Longhorn Cattle &
Swine Confinement Systems Inc.

Our Work


We utilize a dedicated builder with custom crews for each phase of construction. 


Each building built at or above industry standards with full time supervision from an on site superintendent for every stage of construction.


Gating and equipment are installed by crews committed to producing a sturdy and quality product.


Each jobsite will be assinged to a jobsite superintendent.  His responsibility is to make sure your produdct is finished corectly, on time, and to act as a personal liaison for our customers. 

Site planning-

From the beginning we are deeply involved in your project.  We want our customers to be happy with their product and be sure it meets their needs for econimic gain.

Building For Generations 

We dont just build a barn, we want to establish a relationship so that we can help farms grow and prosper for generations .